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When Dean entered the financial planning business in 1988, it was the accumulation, preservation, and distribution of wealth that motivated him. We still enjoy this aspect of financial planning, but have since learned to enjoy the long term journey with our clients and their families. We know it is our skill and expertise that brings us together, but our desire is to deploy those skills through the context of relationship.

Our independence affords us the ability to take a highly personalized approach. We enjoy participating in life events with our clients and often those relationships extend three and sometimes four generations.

Planning Oriented

Our approach with clients is planning oriented.  We have the ability to dive deep into a single issue or need you may have and provide potential solutions, but we always do this within the context of how this may affect other aspects of your financial, estate, or tax planning.

Philanthropic Bent

We believe giving back is something we can all participate in. We are not trying to turn all of our clients into philanthropists, but we do look for ways to help the people we work with give back through gifts of their time, talent, and resources.

We have the knowledge, team, and tools to implement complex charitable giving strategies, but the hard part is helping your family understand what causes are most important to you and helping you find ways to engage at a deeper level. This looks different for every one of us but if you choose to work with Callison and Advisors you will soon find that we have a desire to help you grow in your capacity to give.


We offer several compensation options for clients to choose from.  We can structure a flat fee, hourly fee, asset based fee, commission only, and/or a combination based on what works best for you.  Some of the products or services we offer will have built in commission based compensation which is sometimes the least expensive way for you and your family to benefit from our experience and wisdom.

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